Wellness Professionals 

Join hundreds of other wellness professionals who already offer our Quantum Bioresonance health and supplement testing. 


What is Remedy Testing?

Remedy Testing is a network of healthcare professionals across the United States who have exclusive rights to offer our testing services to their clients. Our providers can leverage our next generation testing services to improve their quality of care and recommendations.

How Do Wellness Professionals Benefit?

Remedy Testing helps you get your time back by focusing on what truly matters without sacrificing your quality of care or cash flow. Your clients will have an energetic blueprint to living a better life and will trust your lifestyle & supplement recommendations.

What Will I be Offering My Clients?

Remedy Testing has a very straight-forward product line that can be found on our main website (https://remedytest.org). You will be offering your clients any one of the four primary testing products and will be required to deliver the results once they are ready. Any new clients will need to submit their hair sample for one-time quantum processing.

How Do I Implement Remedy Testing?

Remedy Testing is a very versatile product that can be introduced to your clients online and in office. Many of our providers have used Remedy Testing in new patient offers, wellness challenges, and as a tool for testing, nutrition and accountability care-plans. It is a great stand-alone product as well.

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